A lot of people might look at speech and immediately want to snore. But there is a beauty in them that I see and this one is especially beautiful. Brene Brown has a speciality in speaking about communication and relationships. Here is a video of her speech at UCLA:

I first watched this video in my EDPS class, which is a course on interpersonal communication and leadership. She touches on how trust is built in the tiniest of moments. Many people in class would just tune out when a professor puts on a speech. It's very different in my EDPS course because it seems to me like everyone is immersed in our material. This speech changed my outlook on relationships. If you can't trust someone, why give them information that could easily lead to them hurting you? It's easy for us to just tell everyone everything. If we have a crush on someone, we want.. no need to tell someone about it and get it off our chest. Usually this is our friend, but what if this friend has told others about this sort of thing in the past, leading you to all sorts of embarrassment? When does a human being decide that they can trust another again?

All of this greatly interests me but trust me, Brene Brown can make anything not boring. So ditch the idea of snoring and watch her speech, it might lead you to want to watch her TED talks!