some cities literally have stolen all my words away. the people, buildings, streets... some cities have very beautiful soul

Rome, Italy

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city with loud ancient and strong soul. but at the same time, when you look closely, it's sad. It's like it almost moved on from painful history, but at the same time it can't.

I felt soul of Rome with my first step in this city. Firstly I didn't like it - too much sun, people crushing one another... typical capital of western countries. But then came the night and I saw all the magic, street light and small restaurants started to show. Rome is truly alive at night, I would say that it's even louder then.
Rome reminded my of my childish dreams (I loved Percy Jackson! So visiting capital of Italy was really an experience for a small girl inside me) and moved my historical soul.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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it's wild, crazy and full of variety. it isn't similar to any other city. city touched by art, not by violence

I've fallen completely for Amsterdam. It's wild and crazy with smell of marihuana on the streets and nobleness in every building. At the same time it's quiet and well-orginised. Amsterdam will either amaze you with it's nature or disgust you.
Capitol of Netherlands it's art itself.

Rostock, Germany

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calm and mysterious. perfect for creating 'teenage age' stories.

Rostock is not so distinct as Rome or Amsterdam. You find soul of Rostock after few days, drinking Restocked and walking at night through it's streets.
Rostock is an escape for all the rebel, all broken teenagers.

Przemyśl, Poland

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old, time stops there, seems normal but isn't

I didn't expect to like Przemyśl. But I've could help myself when I saw all of old, dirty buildings and drank the best coffee in my entire life. It's not commercial, but will open before you. You can SEE and FEEL time and history there.
It belongs to Poland, but remembers Austria and is looking in direction of Ukraine.

Lviv, Ukriane

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poor and dirty, kills you with it's honesty

Lviv breaks your heart. It's beautiful, full of art and history, but everywhere you see burglars, dirty buildings. Air seems to be heavier, atmosphere is very melancholic.
Under dirt and poorness there still is nobility, some kind of hope.

You leave a piece of heart when you travel.