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Relationships continue to take up most of your time, thoughts and energy at this time. Many may be moving in together, sharing resources and/or planning a future together. This relates not only to romantic relationships but business ones as well. In general, you are likely to feel positive and upbeat about this but your need for your own space and time to explore what interests you may make you feel a little uncertain at times.


Work continues to go well for you at this time and you are likely to be making steady accomplishments in this area. Your health routines are another area that you may be putting more time and attention into now and you may be seeing the rewards of your efforts. Relationships spark you up early in the week, with lots of interesting discussions going down. If you have been struggling to break a bad habit the middle of the week may bring some type of discovery or revelation that spurs you on to do so.


Romance and fun times are likely to be very much on your agenda at this time. For some, early in the week may bring a step up and commitment in one of these areas. When it comes to work and your health, you are likely to feel inspired about tackling something new in these areas. There may be some upset with regards to a friend midweek that throws a bit of a spanner in the works. You need to follow your heart and explore your creative potential may be part of this.


Work may feel like a burden and that it is interfering with your home life at this time. Certainly, the demands on your time and something unexpected in the workplace could cause a bit of an upset in your home life this week. This is also a week when your pleasure-loving and creative side is given more room to maneuver. Maybe you will take on more home decor – in some ways, home and creatively are very much likely to be top concerns for you at this time.


Communications play a very big part of your life now and this is likely to be an extremely busy time with you running around and interacting with others in your local neighborhood. Early in the week, a discussion with a child or a loved one may take on quite a serious tone, although this is likely to be ultimately very good. Interactions with those overseas or from a different country or culture may play some part in upsetting the status quo somewhat. This is likely to be quite exciting and expand your horizons in some way.


If you have been saving and scheming in relation to something for your home or family, early in the week might bring you some good news. Finances and possessions are very much on your mind at this time and will continue so for a while yet. There may be some unexpected news regarding finances from an outside source this week. This could be via financial institutions, your partner, or an inheritance.


Your thinking and communication are likely to be at their peak early in the week. You have lots of great ideas with regards to finances at this time, but need to watch that you don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Relationships are one area where you could be thrown a bit of a curveball. Your partner, either romantic or business, may surprise you in some way that has you feeling a little nervous. You should start to feel more energized and up to mingling more with others as the week draws to an end.


You feel good and want to let others know exactly what you think at this time. This is still a time where you feel best working behind the scenes though. There may be a shakeup or surprise in store for you in relation to your work, daily routines or health. This may have some remarkable effect on your subconscious thoughts and beliefs and help plant the seeds for a new approach.


You are feeling secure in the knowledge that you are taking the right steps towards what you want to achieve. This is also a time when you might look into thought patterns and beliefs that you have carried around from childhood. You may find too that this leaves you feeling better and more upbeat about where and how to approach the future. Friends are likely to play an important part in your life now and may help you reach for your dreams. This may involve pursuing something that you feel passionately about, perhaps of a creative nature.


You are putting a lot of time and effort into your career, but likely have additional plans just waiting for the right time to showcase them. Discussing your thoughts with friends or those that you network with may prove to be beneficial this week. Some disruption related to your home or family may upset the apple cart a little midweek. This may be related to your career or the time you put into your career and may require the need to rearrange priorities somewhat.


Travel and overseas interest continue to hold your attention at this time and you are likely to be eager to follow-up a plan related to this. Alternatively, you may be excited about the possibility of furthering your education. You are likely feeling quite buoyant in regards to your career and what lies ahead in that arena. You may hear or receive a message that throws you a little off kilter, for good or for bad midweek. Try to take it in stride, as your horizons are likely to be broadened.


Hard work in your career is likely to have you reaping some rewards early in the week. You may be quite excited about learning more skills to improve your prospects in the workplace. Money plays quite a major role in your life at this time. There may be a surprise or unexpected element to this. You may be the recipient of an unexpected windfall, or find yourself caught unaware by a unanticipated expense.