I know, acne Is one of our worst nightmares, but, Wanna know a few ways to say goodbye to this friends? Continue reading.

1° Exfoliate the skin.

There are many,but many, ways to exfoliate the skin, the most common that I use Is the toothpaste.

How I use this?

I take a few toothpaste and I cover my face (except my eyes) and I wait 5-10 minutes. I you are going to use this, another thing you can add Is aspirin.

Then, you wash very well your face and ready.

*Maybe, the grains will be more red than before, but don't you worry, it will pass minimun in five minutes and maximum one hour.

2° Be careful in what you eat.

If you are woman and you're on those "special days" Is obvious you need chocolate, but, don't este too much, the chocolate doesn't causes the acne, Is the way you eat it (if you eat too much).

And not only chocolate, snacks that include grease too!

It's tiring, but really, eat salad, or another healthy things.

It not only will help your skin,your body too!

If you used this methods or you have another doubt,send me a message.