Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a wonderful fall season this year. I enjoy heading out wearing a pair of jeans and a wool jacket, feel the cold breeze kissing my skin. It's my favorite season, and I will share with you how I spice things up from the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I head out of my house.

Waking Up

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Though it may be something we do everyday, try to find a new ringtone that will not only please your ears but that will enrich your fall spirit. I would recommend to pick a song as a ringtone, because you get to listen to it while continuing your daily tasks.

Ringtones are definitely up to what you like to listen and it is personal. I tend to go for more Indie and Instrumental songs in the morning.

Here are three of my personal favourite:
Tim Atlas - Wander
Ira Wolf - Honest
Elliot Moss - Without The Lights


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Trust me, the best part of the day is to be able to take a walk and enjoy the weather. Exercising doesn't really need to be intense - the simplest of things can be considered an exercise - like walking, for instance. And who says you need to do this alone, right? If you have an animal or someone who can join - it doubles the fun. I just love the fact that the weather is a little cold, because I can wear layers of cozy clothes and colourful scarves.

That being said, if you don't have the time - you can skip this step.

Bath time

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Now, we all have preferences. Showers vs. Baths are in constant battle in our homes. I love taking long baths and light a few candles before heading out.

If you're a shower person, nothing stops you there. You can even have awesome scented creams and shampoos to keep the fall season exciting. I enjoy taking the time to purchase a few goodies from Lush, they have amazing products!

And the best part of this is stores all full of scented candles, from pumpkin spices to green apples! There is so much to choose from, and it can all be customized by what you like.


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Ultimately, I love to pamper myself from time to time after taking care of my personal hygiene. I personally enjoy putting face masks from The Face Shop. They have all kinds of benefits and make my skin look radiant. And you get to play your favourite music, though mines remain my top three listed above lately.


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Ideally I try to aim for a good, healthy breakfast in the morning. The hiccup is that most of us, especially in fall, are constantly on the rush. No worries, I've got you covered. I have two breakfast ideas you may like.

The first one is porridge. I can put it in the microwave in the morning, or I can make one at night so it is ready first thing tomorrow. I usually mix up some protein powder (vanilla or chocolate), cinnamon, oats, maple syrup and some water. You can add some fruits and nuts in the morning, super simple and tasty!

The second recipe I absolutely love to make are my bran muffins. Now, you can look at recipes online on how to make them. However, you can also add whatever you want in them. I love to add a bit of pumpkin paste, some cinnamon and pecans. You can also put some some fruits in there, it's all up to you!


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Though fall is a very short season, I still think it is the best out of the four. There are lot of things you can do in your mornings, but those were the main things I altered when fall came during my weekdays.

I hope you enjoyed the morning routine, and have a wonderful day :)

Em x