Hi guys it's me Silvia! Today i'm going to write my first article (yeah), so don't worry if it's terrible i will improve, i hope. The topic is about hands tips, in particularity about nails. Hope you enjoy it.

Number 1- In the morning, especially now that days begin colder, insured to put on a hand cream. That darling really helps your hands skin: it makes them soft, scented and moisturised (guys like this).

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Number 2- Exfoliated, exfoliated and exfoliated. This phase is really important: your hands need to be exfoliated to eliminate dead cells and to get ride by smoke, powders and pollution. I suggest you to use an exfoliating once a week/2 weeks. If you want you can do this with:
°1/2 spoon of sugar(white or cane)
°1/2 spoon of honey
°lemon juice
You just need to mix all the ingredients and rub your hands gently then wash.

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Number 3- Reinforcing mask just not for your hands but also for your nails. You can buy it or you can do it by yourself. You need:
°10 cl of olive oil
°10 cl of almonds oil
°lemon juice
Preparation: In a container mix the two oils and heated on slow fire. Then let the mix rests and put the lemon juice. Finally immerse the hands in the mask for 10/15 minutes (the time to see the beginning of your favourite tv show hahaha).

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Number 4- Maybe the time that all of you were waiting for: MANICURE.
I recommended you to do it once a week. You just have to polish your nails, cut cuticles, put on a transparent enamel, if you want strengthener, and if you like a color enamel( in this season 2017/2018 the best colors for nails are: metallized, antique pink, grey and of course black).

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Number 5- During fall and winter insured to always wear gloves: to protect your hands by the cold. Once put you will never leave you again hahahah

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That's all guys hope you like this article. byeee