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This one is my favourite app for photo editing. You can choose between different beautiful filters or you can edit them in your own way.

2. My study life - School Planner

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A very useful app if you don't like carrying schedules or planners everywhere. Here you can put information about your teachers and you can insert your future test dates.

3. Buzzfeed

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If you're feeling sad I totally recommend using the Buzzfeed app. Not only I like their articles, I also love their quizzes. The videos are SO much fun. Try it!

4. Nike Training Club

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If you want to stay fit at home or you don't have enough money for the gym, this is the ideal app for you. You can make your own training plans. This app has proven to be effective.

5. eBay

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If you have some extra money, you can spend it on eBay. I love online shopping and I think that the eBay app is amazing for that purpose. The app is easy to use and you can use it anywhere.
Hope you guys found this useful! Check my other articles above. Love, Mari