I've been extremely priviledged in my life to have travelled the world, and 6 out of 7 of the world's continents (sorry Antarctica!). In this time, I have discovered many different cultures and many different cities. In this article, I'm going to be sharing with you all my 3 favourite cities in Europe.


I visit Paris about 3 times a year because my sister lives there. In that time, I have gained a love for the city, which is not just born from the stereotypes of the city.
I'm sure many people have heard before about the beauty of the city, but you have been told the generic things. The Eiffel Tower is not the most stunning part of Paris, just the most iconic. It is mostly just a huge iron structure which you can find replicas of in Blackpool and Tokyo, which are equally as impressive.
My favourite part of Paris is the amazing food. This is found throughout France, but mostly in this city. The difference is that the food is international, as well as French. They incorporate flavours of the country into food which was created elsewhere.
I also love the museums. My favourite is the Musee D'Orsay, which has beautiful artwork throughout and also an amazing cafe that is located in a clockface. It is situated in an old train station, and still has the architecture from that time. A hidden gem is the Natural History museum.

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Copenhagen was such a beautiful city! I have visited Stockholm and Copenhagen, but Copenhagen definitely is the best! Everybody there was so friendly (which isn't the same for Paris!) and for English speakers, there will never be a language barrier.
The biggest difference between Copenhagen and Stockholm was the amount of things to do. Copenhagen has the Little Mermaid, several museums, several Palaces and exciting areas to visit. It also has one of the oldest amusement parks in the world - The Tivoli Gardens - which inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland.
My favourite part of Copenhagen was the boats tours, which took you in and out of the canals of the city. The tour guides were extremely helpful and informative in telling you the history of the areas. It was very interesting to see the parallels between there and Stockholm too, as well as similarities to the UK.

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I had to put this in as it is my home city! Given I have been to just under 40 cities throughout Europe and still think this one is the most wonderful one which I have visitied, I think it must then truly be wonderful!
Possibly the most famous thing about it is the fact that it is the home town of the Beatles. As well as that, it has two football teams (Everton is the better one). Also, the beaches are wonderful and the architecture is amazing. The shopping is great too.

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