Fall is the perfect time to let old things go. Taking new steps forward to something new is what this season is all about.

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In this article I`m going to share my favorite things and activities that I do every fall. So if you are just sitting home thinking how this fall is going to waste, keep on reading, maybe you`ll find something for you!

1. Get your closet ready for fall

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It`s definitely not fall if you don`t take out your favorite sweaters and cardigans. Going out with a warm and cute fall outfit will spice up your mood. If you are still lost, here are some tips to choose from:

♥The power color for this fall is red
♥Victorian-inspired collars
♥Fishnets (yes, still in trends believe me or not)
♥Vintage floral prints
♥Chocolate brown color
♥Belted coats

2. Fall photography

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I´m sure you want to have cute colorful pictures from fall in your feed. Make plans with your friends for one weekend and go out to have fun! Shooting photos in piles of leaves and testing out your photographing skills is a must fall activity!

3. Halloween 👻

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Obviously, what most of us think when fall arrives. Halloween is the theme to go with if you hate those cutesy-girlish fall things. Watching scary (or not so scary) movies with friends and family, or just by yourself is one of the more relaxing fall activities. Gather blankets and pillows on your bed, and make yourself your favorite hot fall drink and enjoy some spooky movies!

👻Halloween movies are the best when you watch them in the night

4. Outdoors

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Yes, you might already see colorful trees from your window, but go enjoy the colors outside! Grab a camera with you and adventure the places that look different than in last season. Winter is going to hide those colors anyways in no time.

5. Fall decor

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Visit your local candle shop and buy the ones that smell the best! Adding pumpkins, leaves and everything that you feel is fall themed in your room or home gets the fall mood going.for sure. Experiment!

6. Master your pie recipe

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As a foodie, food in fall seems to always get better. Try to bake something that seems suitable for you and your family, apple pie for example (so basic but oh so good). Or if you already like baking, make your own recipe!

Lastly, remember to just enjoy fall as it is. People tend to make too big of a deal about decorating too much and going overboard with spooky stuff. Enjoy fall just like you want to, and chill. As said, fall is the time to let things go, so worrying is out of this list!

Happy and spooky fall to everyone! ♥

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