10 tips on how to be genuinely happy

So I've decided to make this article, because I've been dealing with sadness, anger etc. myself, and didn't know how to get away from the it. I didn't know how to be happy.
But I tried, and succeeded. Never give up.
So here are 10 tips on how to be happy :)

1. Tip ― Figure out why

To be happy, you need to figure out why you aren't happy, so that you can change that.
When you've figured out why, then you can confront it. And do something about it, and be happy.
Like if you're sad about your body, then work on loving yourself. If you're lonely, then try to find new friends/people, etc.

2. Tip ― Surround yourself with people you love/like

We all know that if we're together with our besties, then we'll feel better. By surrounding yourself with people you find interesting, funny and love - you'll very easily learn to be happy.
If you're in a bad relationship with someone (like abuse, assault, manipulation, violence), then I suggest you to get away from it now. To say no, stop it, and walk away. It is not worth it, if you're not happy. If this is the case, then seek help. Talk to someone about it. And I know that it can be tough, but you just need to stay strong and brace, and keep fighting.

3. Tip ― Do more of what you love

You've most likely heard this before, but It's true. Do more of what you love, and you'll be happier. If you love being with animals, then surround yourself some more around them. Or if you love singing (even though it may not sound the best xD), then do some more of that. Do you love taking photographs? Then photograph some more.

4. Tip ― Appreciate what you have

Appreciate what you have, and not what you don't have. Think more about being grateful for the people/things there is in your life, right now.
You can also write at least 3 things down ever day, about the things that you are happy about/are grateful for today.

5. Tip ― Write your unhappiness down

This may sound weird, as I just wrote that you could write down what makes you happy. But by writing down what makes you unhappy, takes it off of your shoulders. If you don't like writing, then you could talk to someone you trust, about it.

6. Tip ― Accept your past

We've all done things that we regret, and we've all lost someone or something. If you think a lot about it, and gets sad about, then it might be a sign of that you haven't accepted it yet. It actually isn't that hard to accept your past. People have different ways to accept or handle it, so I cannot say that you should do it this way, but this is what I've done to accept my past: I've let myself feel the sorrow, and afterwards told myself that it's okay. Cause it is. I've also told myself that I shouldn't focus on the past, nor the future. But the present.

7. Tip ― Be in the now

I think we've all looked at something, wished it was ours, and then daydreamed about it. Which can be fine, yeah of course it can be. But we also need to be in the present, and focus on that. We can't go around worrying about what have happened, or what is going to happened. Because it is not in our power. So be in the now, have fun and be yourself.

8. Tip ― Self love

If you are unhappy about yourself, it can bring you a lot of sadness. You may notice that you're comparing yourself to people that you find beautiful. And you may not see that you're just as beautiful as they are, no matter how you look, feel or are.
(Check out my article about "self love".)
You are beautiful just the way you are
But if you really wanna change your body, then I suggest that you change your diet, like start to eat healthier, and workout. Don't starve yourself and don't throw your food up, it isn't a healthy way of loosing weight.

9. Tip ― Be you

Fake smiling, keeping up a facade and not showing the true you, can be tiring and being you unhappiness, as you aren't yourself. I'm not asking you to throw away your mask, I'm just asking you to figure out who you are, and be that. You'll feel better, if you are yourself and are happy about it.

10. Tip ― You only live once

Another quote that you might have heard before. But then again, it is true. You do only live once, so go out and live your life, like you want to, and have fun with it.
Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone, and face your fears (by still being safe, of course).
Sometimes we have dreams, and when these dreams can come true, or are true we get scared and pull ourselves back. But why do we do that? It may be our only chance of giving life to our dream, so even though we may be terrified then we should do it anyway, cause you do only live once.

Thank you.
Sofie Holgaard Birck Andersen