It´s 5 am and

I wish I could go back in time. Be there where I was laying next to you. Hear your heart beat and hear every breath you take.

I wish I could watch you sleep so peacefully and feel all the emotions come in waves. Stay up all night next to you to live in the moment as long as I can.

I wish I could feel your skin next to me and feel happiness every time your sent was flowing in the air.

I wish I could hear your voice and listen you share a moment from your life with me. I wish you could be there for you to hold me when I´m breaking apart and prayed you to come.

I wish I could listen to music in your car with you and watch your eyes instead of the thousand airplanes flying in front of us.

I wish I could feel your touch in my skin, so gentle and worm. I crave your voice every time I´m feeling alone.

I wish I could write a book about you, about all the feelings I´m feeling for you. I wish I could tell you how things really are in my head, not how I want you to see them.

I care for you I really do, but that is the problem. This is no time for romance, this is no time for you to love me like I love you.

And I don´t want to waste tears for those pure moments, but all I wish is that I could live in those moments forever. Feel loved, feel beautiful, be the reason for someone to be happy. Be someones happiness.

Please miss me so you´ll yourself thinking about me. Do you do that? Find yourself thinking about me often?

Every time I wake up I wish I could see your name somewhere on my phones screen. Wake up to you realizing what you´ve lost.

Sometimes when I walk, I think I can even smell your cologne. It makes me smile for a second and a half, but then I realize you´re gone and the part of me missing you starts to yell again.

I think I´m going insane. Every time I go home, I wish you would be in your car in front of my house or sitting on the edge of my bed waiting for me. Waiting for me to come home, when little do you know my home is where you stay.

I even saw a dream about you and I don´t do that a lot. It maybe seemed like nothing special, but for me it was everything. It was another moment with you, with the feelings I have for you and you in the same space for one more time.

I don´t know what to do. To wait for you until my life is at it´s end or leave you like you left me? Tell me what to do. To love you or to get used of living alone again, let this end in tears. Oh, please tell me. I love you but I don´t know what to do.

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