Him. Him, I have tons of feeling for and had no idea why I do. We hardly EVER talk and the feelings just popped out of nowhere. This never happens to me, I usually have no feelings. And if I do its only for a few days. This has been MONTHS. I asked him to the dance last year and he went (I WAS SO EXCITED) it was the best dance ever and we were so close to each other the whole time. I literally smiled nonstop for the next week about it . The feeling of his hands on my back and our eyes locking and ours bodies touching was the best feeling, it was like a dream. Last dance and I layed my head on his warm chest, him just holding me the whole song, nothing could and will ever beat that night. Now he has a girlfriend and they look amazing together and his girlfriend is great and fun to be around, we get along and I would never want to become between them or ruin any of our friendships. So for months I just tried to forget my feelings for him. Every time I hear his name or read it, it always catches me. Not only his name but his voice. It will ALWAYS distract my from what I'm doing. There is a kid in my class that his voice sometimes sounds exactly like him and I always look around for him and only find the other kid. And the thing is there is nothing just spectacular about him, he isn't the hottest, he doesn't have the best body, he isn't the smartest, the funniest, the best sport player, the best at anything but every single one of his quality are just right and I wouldn't change them. And his eyes and voice are just so beautiful and unique and flawless in their own way. His light blue but yet dark and deep captivating eyes and his dark black natural wavy hair are nothing but of a prince's qualities. He's just great and I can't have him and I wish for another one of those amazing moments with him that will take my breathe away in the best way possible. Another unforgettable night. Maybe one day.