Brooke Shields

brooke shields image actress, brunette, and pretty image brooke shields and girl image Image by I'm pretty when i cry

Courteney Cox

monica geller and friends image 90s, monica geller, and friends image monica geller and friends image friends, monica geller, and monica image

Jennifer Aniston

friends, feelings, and quotes image friends, rachel, and Jennifer Aniston image 90s, rachelgreen, and Jennifer Aniston image Jennifer Aniston, friends, and 90s image

Alicia Silverstone

Inspiring Image on We Heart It alicia silverstone, 90s, and Clueless image Clueless, alicia silverstone, and hair image Clueless, 90s, and alicia silverstone image

Claire Danes

angel, juliet, and romeo and juliet image love, leonardo dicaprio, and kiss image love, romeo and juliet, and leonardo dicaprio image Romeo + Juliet image

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