10 Tips on How To Be More Healthy

What does everyone want these days?

a better job platform, more money, to be more happy, healthier relationships...

But where does this all start from? From your mind and body of course! so @Whispiral is here with 10 Tips on How To Be More Healthy from just basic things you can do to help yourself, to ways to control your diet.

1. Have a sleeping schedule

Sleep is essential for everyone, its essential that you get your at least get 8-10 hours of sleep. Anything less or more can cause productivity loss and isn't very good for you.

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2. Reduce the amount of toxic people in your life

There will always be those people you annoy you, bad mouth you, or just are fake. Get rid of those people from your life cause honestly, they aren't helping you in any way, they're just there to put you down.

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3. Maintain a positive attitude

I didn't know what lightning was until it struck me...

Smile! (that was a pun by the way...^)

There are always two ways to look at the world, when you can remain positive, why throw yourself the trouble of acting like those pessimistic buzz kills from those old movies...JK.

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4. Eat Healthier

Not a water and salad diet so 't worry. In fact, i'm going to tell you to eat whatever you want because when you crave something and don't get it, you're still going to be craving it. Thus, you'll still keep wanting more causing you to eat more then you should when you do get it eventually. If you're goal is to get loose some extra fat, this is a good way. But when you do eat don't eat too much,taste it and just satisfy your mind.

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5. Walk daily

Yeah yeah, most of us do walk everyday...what I mean is that go on morning walks, evening walks, stroll... That sort of thing. You'll connect to nature making you feel at peace and you'll be "exercising" in a way. Take it up a notch by going on jogs instead!

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6. Sports

Play some sports, not on your devices, but like legit, go outside and pick up a ball or something. Playing sports helps clear up your mind and helps you pick up skills along the way. For example: with basketball, you learn to better your aim. Badminton? Helps you lose weight at an account of 450 calories/hr...yeah people pick up those rackets. (Only works if you're playing the sport properly.)

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7. Yoga

I cannot express my appreciation for yoga. yes, you may be like blah blah blah let me skip to the next tip be honestly people...if you've seen yoga poses...What are they? its like a form of exercise that has more benefits that people let on, they tend to be more focuses, healthy and alert. Yoga also helps lose weigh because of the various different poses and helps you become more flexible! Yoga helps muse upon life through a different pair of lens. One that helps you see life through in a light.

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8. Drink plenty of fresh water and veggies

Honestly, Drink water people. I sometimes forget to drink water but get constant reminders. Drinking water clears your mind, hydrates you and helps you stay alive. If that's not a good reason then i don't know what is.

Veggies are important for you, meats can be as well but you can also get those proteins from veggies. Eat meat but do keep in mind that half of the meat you get is buffed, animals aren't that large unless hormones and stuff have been fed to them...know where it comes from. Its important...

PS. Cut down on the sugar its such a easy way to lose weight! Sugar is very unhealthy! Once in a while is fine, don't develop a sweet tooth you live off.

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9. Learn & Travel

If there is one thing you should learn today it is get in the habit of travelling, its extremely healthy for your mental health to get your mind cleared. Also going out and learning from experience is essential. Travel people. There is so much that this world can offer you. Experience wanderlust and the crave for a spontaneous life.

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10. Don't be too social

Having too many social media platforms can be stressful and can get you too caught up in a virtual world and its dramas. Have one account that you might use and only add people you know you can trust to not be the cause of a migraine. Social media is for you to connect, not disconnect to the real world. After reading this, please remember that hey, there is a world out there.

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Go make some healthy choices!