greenery trees have not changed their colors to orange, burgundy, yellow and brown yet. however, by clean fresh air - high upon the sky, by the silver full moon - on our thanks giving day in seoul, and by must-have-trench-coat winds and weather, i see autumn is around me.

: brown pink knit dress, a navy sweater, white turtle neck, black see-through stockings and cashmere skirts, my favorite f/w shoulder bags and some pale coral lipsticks are neatly on their places to go for a walk with me. and when i do, i try not to forget a mild splash of guerlain or marc jacobs fragrance on my wrist with my black leather watch which goes pretty nice with my flats to walk on autumnal days.

: green tea latte or hot chocolate would be pleasurable. and, most of all, my favorite menu on the third season of an year would be ice cream. not sticky, not melty, not dehydrating, nor too sweet but just delightful. a scoop of green tea at natuur, a vanilla sundae at mcdo, or a coffee/melon/red bean ice cream bar at paris baguette, they are, i may say, a legal drug store.

on weekends
: dusting off bedclothes, making a simple pancake for my family, and just reading on bed with my bed hair & coffee are the happy boring moments i spend expecting halloween to come. and perhaps maybe i would take a girls night out on a roof top with a bottle of beer tonight, before it becomes too cold as i should wait for next autumn. . . after lightly drinking under twilights, i may fall softly into my dreams.