stale cigarettes and bottled up emotions are how my days came to the end, swallowing nails to try and keep my words hidden away. you touch my wind burned face with cracked hands and whisper sweet lies to me, just like last time. people push and pull me apart expecting obedience in return, my edges are ripped and my seams are coming unraveled. my days turn into winter, harshly cold and the fire within me is starting to go out. longing for the warmth of summer you drag me further into the depths of black ice. with chapped lips i breath in, breath out, repeat, hoping my lungs fill with enough air to wisp me away along with the birds. with shaky hands i try to sew up what was once brand new as my road to recovery lengthens. i begin to feel my cheeks become flush and full of life, along with my heart fluttering with warmth. before you can notice my successes i slip through your fingers like water. im gone before you can throw me off balance, gone before you have a chance to drag me back down. i decided to settle somewhere where summer is all year-round. the birds chirp, the bees buzz, and i can finally open my mouth to speak. the chains you had wrapped around my wrists are finally gone, and i celebrate in the warmth of the sun.