It's a big vicious circle (I should not use that term but fuck it) I think I'm okay, that's fine, but I'll go there and open The Pandora's box.

I try to pretend that it does not affect me anymore, but unfortunately it's not true...

You can get addicted to anything, and I I got addicted to the way I felt, could live without but I did not want to.
You are on top of the world, the sky is the limit, nothing stops you.

But it is as they say: "the higher the fall the worse."

I think I am healed but the universe has a different way of seeing my progress, it makes my years progress fall in seconds.

This is not probably from God.

What do I have to do to delete a part of my life?
Because I do not want to creeping me out, hiding in fear of my next step.

I want to be free, but I look like an Firefly attracted by light.

I'm pathetic and it's all my fault.
Maybe I'm crazy but it feels so real I can almost touch it.

I'm going to step away from abstinence to suddenly be pulled into an overdose

And then the circle has one more cycle of its odious addiction.