I love fall as much as the next person does. Here are some tips/things to do on a perfect cozy fall day. This is my first article, Hope you enjoy it !!

1. Watch movies

Halloween, fall, and autumn image
Find some romance or Halloween movies.

2. Read Books

autumn, book, and candle image book, autumn, and fall image book, cozy, and autumn image autumn, book, and fall image
Read your favorite book or a new book.

3. Listen to Music

autumn, fall, and music image
Make a fall playlist.

4. Drink Tea or Hot Coco

food, chocolate, and drink image autumn, beautiful, and books image autumn, coffee, and fall image book, tea, and vintage image
Something to keep you warm.

5. Candles

autumn, fall, and candle image
The scent you pick will make you feel relaxed.