This is morning routine based of my actual fall Saturday mornings where I take it slow and unwind from the week I had before.

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After I wake up which is around 7 a.m., I get out of bed after a couple of minutes and open all the curtains in my house to let the natural sunshine through.
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I don't like to use my phone right away, I'm always signed out of social media accounts. However, I will use my phone for and only for listening to music. I jam to my music while brushing my teeth. After, that I hop right in the shower. In the shower I relax and usually catch up on self care such as face mask or a exfoliator for my body.
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By the time it is 9 a.m. I have cleansed my face and put on my outfit for the day which usually is comfortable and casual. After I put light mascara on and brush my eyebrows in place.
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Then, I light some fall scented candles. Candles give me a cozy and happy vibe which lift my spirit for Halloween and the fall weather.
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For breakfast, it depends on what I'm feeling sometimes I go for a bowl of fruits or, I go for some really sugary cereal or pancakes and turkey bacon. I always have a cup of tea.
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I proceed to watch some Halloween movies. (Hocus Pocus, The Corpse Bride, and etc.)