Crushes can be so complicated. Having a crush on a friend that's disastrous. I like my friend and I’m afraid it might ruin who we are together if I tell him how I truly feel. I also didn’t want to go back into the pain of not telling someone I like that I like them like I’ve so often done in years gone by. So, I was ready to tell him, I really was. When I was waiting for the right time to bring it up... his phone went off and it was a girl, a girl that and I quote he finds “cute”. Then he went on to read their conversation and ask ME what else he should say. I could feel the light in my heart die a little. That was it I couldn’t tell him. He doesn’t like me and I know for a fact that things WOULD change between us if I tell him. So now I live with the pain that will only get worse and a friend that will remain a friend. I'm keeping myself friend zoned.