Am I the only one who loves to make people's days better? I hope I'm not. Actually I believe I'm not. Because even tho there's evil in ever freaking corner of this world, there are still people out there who are amazingly kind and can absolutely brighten days of other people.

And I know how magic of random compliments by these people is strong. I'm learning it from them, because I find it unbelievable how a little random compliment about someone's hair, make up, music taste, book taste or outfit can make their day. Because even if evil is around us the good things are beating it so damn hard. And just one little thing you like about someone (about which you tell them) can make their day thousand times better even if it sucked a minute/hour before. Can we make a team and start to be the weirdos who compliment strangers and make their days better? I was actually scared to tell some stranger a compliment before, but once you do it, it just changes you and you will love to make people happy. And in my opinion that's a good thing. Spread the message and let's start complimenting to people! Because the magic of random compliments is unbelievable. And who knows. Maybe you'll find new friends because of that.