hi guys! so, today i'm back with part 2 of my travel bucketlist<3 enjoy!

sydney, australia

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sydney! yes! i've always loved australia, and going there is one of my biggest wishes! i've actually never been outside of europe, so traveling to the other side of the world seems so exciting to me! i'm also a huge fan of masterchef australia, so maybe that's part of the reason why ahah

takapuna, new zealand

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to be honest, i want to explore all of new zealand. it just seems so different from norway, where i live, and so the thought of surrounding myself with something completely different from what i'm used to, is so exciting! i'll definitely make sure to travel to new zealand at least once in my life. takapuna is also the place where lorde, a singer i love, comes from, so i definitely wanna go there too, hehe

moscow, russia

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just look at those gorgeous buildings! who would not want to go there? to me, the reason for my interest in russia, has always been the architecture. the buildings, they're just.. magnificent, i can't even explain it properly.

london, england

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okay, so yes, i've been to london once before. however, i was only there for like two days. although i've already seen most of london, like big ben, and london eye, i want to see more! london, or actually england in general, has always fascinated me, and so i truly do hope i'll get to go there again sometime soon.

new york, the united states

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traveling to the us has always been one of my biggest dreams, and it's another one of those things i feel like i just have to do before i die! but come on, who doesn't want to visit the usa, though?
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