Hi loverly readers!

My name is Myrthe (you may call me Mimi)I hope you have a nice day/night so far.
I have a kinda lazy day so I wanted to write some articles. So I was taking a break from WHI for 30 minutes because I had a headache and that's when I came up with the idea for this article.
I write a lot of helpful things and a bit about myself but I never wrote something about WHI itself. So I wanted to take the opportunity to explain why I love WHI so much and why it's an obsession of mine.

So without explaining more unnescessary things, let's begin:

I'm a proud hearter since the beginning of 2014 (so almost 4 years) and I think I never deleted it on my Phone. I've Always been addicted to it.
At the moment I have achieved 19,5k hearts and 1,5k followers (I'm so thankful!).
Here are some reasons why I love WHI so much:

Reason 1: The inspiration I get from it.

From fashion, to photography to backgrounds, I Always find my inspiration on here. Because of putting pictures in collections and these kinda things, I know what I like and love and I know what kinda clothes goes with what. I also learn my life lessons on here because of the inspiring quotes and other sorts of things.

pink, inspire, and neon image

Reason 2: Organisation

WHI is really organized and easy to use. When I first used it, I didn't knew the purpose of WHI but after a week I knew what I needed to do.
Collections are also a good way of organisation. WHI stays organized and *I* am also organized because I can put different pictures in the right theme or group. I update my collections daily!

desk and study image

Reason 3: I can be myself!

When I'm on WHI I can heart whatever the ** I want! I can be myself and heart and collect the thing *I* love without judgement or pressure.
I think WHI is a good way to find yourself and what your passions are because you do this on your own and you know yourself the best.

light, night, and background image

Reason 4: articles!

It's something new but I already LOVE it! I'm currently addicted to writing articles (I write 1 or 2 every single day) and my goals is to be a recognized writer (or even a heartist.)
Articles are a good way to show who you really are and to share things you admire and love!
It's also a brilliant way to help other girl because girls need to support girl.

book, tumblr, and coffee image

Reason 5: It's an escape!

I can go through WHI every day, or let's say, every minute or even second of the day all day long!
I feels like an escape from reality because I can be myself, start dreaming about that beautiful bag I saw in a picture and just drown in the beauty of photography!
It's a totally new world to explore and that's what I love so much about WHI. It's an escape, a new world and a community that deffinitely will grow and that I'll sherisch forever!

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I hope you liked my new article! If you enjoyed it, don't forget to read my other articles!

And thank you so much for stopping by and for reading this article!
You are truly amazing and I will be so happy if you leave a heart <3
I hope we'll meet again in my next articles!

Myrthe XX

14th of october 2017