What's up Hearters

I discovered this awesome 30-days #WhiChallenge created by @TypicalGirl48. This challenge helps us get to know each other, but most importantly ourselves in the expand of 30 days. All we have to do is answer her daily challenges and share them here, with our fellow Hearters.
I decided to do this challenge in the name of personal discovery. Expressing myself and my feelings is the hardest thing for me, and i hope this challenge will help me with that.

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DAY 1 : list 20 facts about yourself
  • my name is Nina. I never got any surname, and i never give people one. i'm not the kind of girl who calls everyone "honey", "babe", "sweetheart" ... I'll stick to your real name.
  • i turned 18 on July 8th. i was born in 1999, which is a pretty cool year if you ask me.
  • favorite animal? cats all the way. btw, i have one named Leo. (i also have a dog, a rabbit and a bird)
  • i'm french. and no, i'm not from paris. i live in Bordeaux, which is way as pretty and as cool Paris (even more maybe).
  • i'm a brunette and i never dyed my hair. i want to try new colors but i'm scared af. AND since i'm straightening or curling my hair every single day, i'm scared dying them will definitely kill them.
  • Taylor Swift is my queen. and i just wish people could see who she truly is and not who the media portray. (spoiler alert: she's not a snake)
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  • i'm the kind of girl who smiles 24/7, even when i don't want to, even when i'm dying on the inside.
  • i'm a very realistic person. i'm not pessimistic nor optimistic. i'm very honest with myself and i won't idealize or demonize the world surrounding us or the people surrounding me.
  • fav tv show? Game of Thrones. it's not original, but that's a fact.
  • i have never been in love. and i'm not complaining about that. being single is great.
  • in continuation with the previous fact, i'm someone really centered on personal growth. i truly think that the most important thing in life is your own happiness, and to reach that state of pure joy you need to discover who you truly are as a person, deep inside.
  • i'm an atheist. i don't believe in any god, any higher power. i genuiney believe that our morals should come from ourselves and not from some old book.
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  • i have an older brother, he is 8 years older than me. we get along, but we don't have a fantastic, a great relationship. he left home when i was 11, to live in his own apartement. i was almost raised as an only child.
  • i have a good sense of humor i think. i laugh at pretty much every thing all the time.
  • i play basketball ever since i'm 8 years old, which is a long time. (my dad is my coach)
  • i love to be alone. i love to lock myself in my room for days. that can be weird for some people, but i truly love spending time by myself. going out causes me too much stress.
  • i'm listening to music 24/7. that's the first thing i do in the morning and the last thing i do before going to bed. i have currently 1537 tracks on my phone, however i don't listen to a specific gender.
  • i'm 100% a night owl. i love feeling like i'm the only awake person in the world. i love watching the moon and the stars from my window at 3 am.
  • i'd love to move to a foreign country. i have been to London, Dublin, Norway, Rome and Barcela. i can't wait for next year, beacuse my second year in college is Abroad (i still don't know where i'll go)
  • last but not least, i HATE clichés. and that's cliché to say so, but that's so so true. i hate stereotypes, codes, preconceived ideas, traditions. i hate how girls think it's edgy to say that "they're not like the others", i don't like how boys are supposed to open the car door and carry our bags.
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this list of facts is now over. i could have said so much more, but we are going to stick with that for now.
(here's the link to the article with all of the questions :

see you tomorrow for day 2 of the challenge