hi lovelies,
here's my simple morning routine for my university days.

my morning probably starts with my alarm goes off for millions times, i'm still learning to get rid of that bad habit of hitting snooze all the damn time.

when i finally get up from my comfy bed, the first thing i do is to open the balcony door. i am always in need of good sunlight.

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next up i'll play my favorite music out loud, it's something i never skip because music is what actually wakes me up. to be honest i never have time to do yoga or read a chapter of a book, or go out for a walk, i don't know how people can be such amazing. and i'll make sure to have a cup of water because it's said to be good for health, lol.

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next i'll go to the bathroom and do all the stuffs.

then i head downstairs to the kitchen.
first thing i do is making a good cup of coffee. my schedule is insanely exhausting i always need some caffeine to keep me get going through the day. plus, i love the smell of coffee and the taste of it as well.

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okay so while i wait for my coffee to cool a bit, i'll be making breakfast.
i always plan it in my head from the night before (it's a life hack you guys, seriously, it helps you get excited for the day ahead so that you can wake up on time)
my recent go-to are normally oatmeals, pancakes or avocado toasts, it depends on my mood.

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i often bring my breakfast and coffee to my bedroom afterwards.
i'll head up to my bedroom and while having breakfast, i'll change. choosing an outfit is also planned ahead from last night so that i won't be wasting 30 minutes changing different outfits and end up getting late to my class.
i like wearing simple things, especially now that it's fall, i'll go with thin sweaters mixing up with short skirts or high waisted jeans. well, you know the idea...

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i'll probably finish the breakfast by then, so i'll put on my favorite matte lipstick (yeah i don't wear makeup, how weird ha ha) and pick up my things and ready to go.

oh wait, one more thing, i'll be wasting like 5 more minutes to choose a pair of sneakers that can go well with my outfit then i'll go, for real this time.

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well guys, that's it for my morning routine. the rest is me at campus, doing what i am supposed to do, no big deal.

i must admit this is only 90% of my mornings. there are days when i don't even want to wake up or do anything, or feeling super sick and stay at home, or some days are off days and i'll sleep for a bit later.
but this is my morning routine, this is my life, this is me.