14 October 2017
14:01 pm-GMT

I was once told that in life, if you want to be what you want to be you got to be who you are.

to be the best person you can be,
you got to look at your dreams,
i know for what it seems,
that your dreams are what you see.
what you see when you're eyes are closed.
and its an imagination that you have
that you want to bring it out to the world,
but you just don't know when to start.
you contemplate whether it will tear you apart
or not.
dreamers often lie, but dreams are quite the opposite of what life holds for you. life's too short to be living a dull, boring life.

the triple BE's:
be creative
be-autiful things weren't made for nothing.

Helloo to my fellow hearties. Thank you for stumbling upon my first ever article yes it's quite a random article but that is what i'm all about. Do give it your loves and your hearts and you're more than welcome to give me a dm if you want to engage or you need some motivation ;) or if you're plain bored and want to waste your time speaking to a random girl somewhere out there in your world.

I'm all ears and eyes.