Hi everyone! I hope you have a lovely day/ night so far.
I'm writing something totally different than all my previous articles and this is kinda a challenge for me. I finally wrote a poem after a long time and I hope you guys like it so here's my first poem on WHI:

I'm used to wake up next to you,
grab you, hold you, keep you
I'm used to eat breakfast with you
with joy, with champagne, with love
I'm used to help you
for you, for me, for us

I woke up this morning
wanting to grab you, to hold you, to kiss you
You weren't here for breakfast
You are not here.

I'm walking in the parc
strolling around, with myself, alone
I don't eat breakfast anymore
I don't watch netflix anymore
I'm not speaking to anybody
and I can't help myself.

I'm trapped in this world full of loneliness
captured in a frame of forgotten love
kidnapped in a bath filled with wilted rose petals
I wanted you
I grabbed you
I held you
I had you
I've lost you.

girl, window, and alone image
14th of october 2017