I read so many morning routine artickles, and every time I read one I wonder if they are true. I'm not saying that all of them are lying but a lot of them end in chilling at home all day...

4 out of 5 weekdays my classes start at 10, so I have time to sleep in. I am absolutely not a morning person so I do appreciate it, but in exchange, I have a lot of classes late in the afternoon when I can't concentrate that well.

I live with my family since I attend university in my hometown. They start to get up one by one from 6 o'clock. First they are kind and quiet, but as time goes on they get louder. I start tossing and turning around 7 and on my better days, I get up at half past 7 so I can greet them before they go to work /school / preschool.

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Recently, I've been using the Neutronena Visibly clear blackhead spot proofing toner along with the hydrating cream from the line and the Himalaya Herbals eye cream. I like them a lot, especially the toner.

My morning skincare routine is toner, eye cream and hydrating cream.

Then I have breakfast and coffe and I dress up. I usually wear casual outfits, because I study computer engineering and I get stared at anyways.

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It takes me around a half an hour just to do my makeup. This is the time I chill a bit and take things slower just so I can have a bit of me time. Time between skincare and makeup is also a must to let the products sink in... I pay special attention to the following order, because my makeup gets ruined if I forget something.

  • skincare
  • breakfast & coffe
  • contacts & brushing my teeth
  • makeup
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Theese are just some things I use on a daily basis

On an average day it takes me two full hours te get ready.
If I have some more time before I have to go, I like to take a quick look at my social media. If I don't, I check them during class and that not good for my performance.

I leave the flat at half past nine, so I have 10-15 minutes to chat with the others before class, and I can take a look at my to do's for the day.

I struggle a lot with productivity and procrastinating, and I have to admit, that all those artickles about chilling at home all day do NOT help me.

If you do have a lot of chill time for yourself, good for you. I don't. So no offense intended!!

If you are interested in my full makeup routine, send me a postcard ;)