I know it can be hard what to do after finishing school. I had to deal with the same problem actually this year. But the high expectations of my parents and my family were even harder. I thought that I have to know what I want to become and I made myself too much pressure. Some nights I couldn't sleep because I didn't know what I wanted to study after I finish my school. But then I decided to not fulfill the expectations of everyone, I decided to spend some time on my own. And the best way to get to know yourself better is taking a gap and go abroad.

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Fly somewhere you've never been before.

After I decided to travel and not to start university I felt free and it was a good feeling to tell my parents even they were sceptical. I couldn't stop thinking and planning about my trip and nobody could stop me. Because I decided to not ban this idea out of my head. Finally my dream came true....

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So this is the beginning of my adventure, if you want to read more about my gap year and where I spend it and what I'm doing follow me to never miss a post.
xoxo relovebe <3