hi guys
this is the first time i'm trying this article thingy, hope you find it as nice as i do.

october has come and it's probably the best time of the year.
i know well enough because it's my birth month.

as you know, fall comes with a vibe, so chill and cozy kind of music is what everybody needs.

here are some beats to chill to, i hope you enjoy...

1. heartburn by wafia

fashion, hipster, and indie image aquarium, jellyfish, and pink image
"tell me, why am I emotional when I knew it from the start?"

2. gone by phlake ft. alina baraz

girl, dress, and vintage image girl, skin, and love image
"i could daydream about yesterday"

3. heavy by anne-marie

girl, hair, and photography image fashion, indie, and rose image
"baby it's too heavy this love that's in between us"

4. put your records on by corinne bailey rae

indie, photography, and yellow image window, sun, and autumn image
"you're gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow"

5. liar by gentle bones ft. linying

sky, pink, and sunset image Image by midnight
"i'm not afraid to be the one to leave and letting you go"

so that's all for this article. i'm making sure to post more in the future...

you can listen to my October kid spotify playlist here https://open.spotify.com/user/justasmilex/playlist/0lHrn6e24ah7DNRfrFcETe it sure won't let you down.