we all have goals in our lives,wishes we want them to be real.
there're ways in how to do want you want,in psychology,Scientists
think that you can even change anything in your body with mind power
follow these steps:
1-First,you should take a paper and a pencil,write down your goals(ex. get a high degree,get longer hair,buy a new room)
2-take one of these goals and write it as a title,start census the things that might help you.(ex. you want to get a high degree you need a-Scientific sources b- clever friends etc.)
3-now,put in front of each thing,the way you could get it by.
4-set a beginning and finishing period.
5-google it,look for inspirations on WeHeartIt !
6-work hard!
1-think about it,all the time (especially before sleeping) make your goal the only thing you think about in your life.
2- imagine you have what you want,how do you feel? what's your friends reaction? whats the word that describe your feeling? what do you call yourself?
3-imagine the moment when you get it,when it becomes real,keep imagining this everyday and every hour.
4- THE most important thing is to have (Self confidence) .be sure that you can do whatever you want because you are smart and efficient person.
5-tell your mind these phrases : (just do it,make it happen,do what you love and love what you do,you can do it,every thing is in your hands,make yourself proud..etc.)
6-finally,willingness is you first and last guide.
Good luck everyone with whatever you want !