manicure, nails, and style image nails, ring, and pink image nails, makeup, and NYX image nails, Nude, and beauty image
1. Basic - French,transparent,one color
nails, pink, and glitter image nails and pink image nails and pink image Image by Yara
2. Fancy- Glitter,shiny,pearly
nails, glitter, and pink image nails, pink, and glitter image nails and marble image nails and matte image
3. Extra - More color & sample
nails, red, and rings image nail art and nails image black, makeup, and nails image nails, black, and gold image
4. Boujee - Black or red,fire sample,shiny,long
Image by Patty 🇧🇷 nails and pink image nails image nails, glitter, and acrylic image
5. Girly - Pastel,Disney figures,glitter
blue, fashion, and girl image acrylic, beauty, and glamorous image nails, iphone, and white image nails, indigo, and manicure image
6. Winter - Blue or white,shiny,snowflake
fashion, gucci, and outfit image nails, spring nails, and autumn nails image flower, flowers, and nail image flowers, rose, and nails image
7. Spring - Pastel,flowers,glitter,shiny
style fashion, beautiful perfect, and inspo inspiration image nails and pink image nails, neon nails, and neon yellow image indigo, glass nails, and nails image
8. Summer - Neon,beach,shiny,extra
nails, autumn, and brown image nails, lipstick, and beauty image autumn, fall, and green image nails, yellow, and pretty image
9. Fall - Matte,Burgundi or mustard yellow
Inspiring Image on We Heart It cards, gold, and red image nails, christmas, and red image adorable, clothing, and ideas image
10. Christmas - Red & gold,glitter