Do not be afraid to lose someone.
Not all of them are meant to stay in your life forever, some are bound to leave you in the middle of the road.
Your story has already been written down in the stars, therefore do not lose hope.
You will not die without them, 'cause you are a fighter and will end up surviving. You will discover your true strength, when they will go.
You will learn to walk, without them holding your hand.
You will see your steps becoming firmer with time and will realize how you can finish the odyssey of life without the need to have them by your side.
You will be your own savior, you no longer need someone to collect your shit together.
The power that has been harboring within your cores, will illuminate brightly at this point.
Your tears will soon be replaced with sheer contentment of your heart.
Even the thought of losing your own self will not scare you anymore, as you would have learnt to fight the demons that reside within you.
You'd then soon be ready to conquer the world of your dreams, with your sword of compassion for your self.
Start believing in your vivid shades and you'll find yourself void of any fear of losing someone.