Hello everyone! I hope you are having an amazing day or night.
Mornings are my favorite time of day, especially during fall. The air is so crisp and the atmosphere so cozy, it really has a calming effect on my mind. So, here is my morning routine for a chill day in.

⚛︎ Waking up
I usually get up around 7 a.m. so that I do not have the trouble of sleeping in on college days. Also, I am quite a morning person because I love the morning scenes.

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⚛︎ Stretches and Opening the Windows
The first thing I do after I get up is a few stretches. It helps me ease my muscles because I sleep in one position throughout the night giving me stiff neck and joints. After that, I open all the windows in my apartment and let the fresh air come in. Also, the morning light really helps me wake up.

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⚛︎ Mindless little things
I cannot stand morning breath. I head straight to my bathroom to brush my teeth and cleanse my face.

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⚛︎ Music and Breakfast
I blare my Spotify web player to some chill, soothing playlists. Recently I am obsessed with the "Our Endless Numbered Days" album by Iron and Wine.
You gotta listen to it! ;)
And then comes my favorite... Breakfast hun! I make a large cup of coffee, some toast with peanut butter and fruits. Love it!

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⚛︎ Candles
Fall is everything with candles burning and the apartment smelling like apples, crisp leaves, and comfiness.

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⚛︎ Skincare and Cleaning
I like to pamper myself on day-ins. I usually just put on some facemask and coconut oil in my hair. Then, I make my bed and clean my apartment. I also try to do some laundry. Cleaning is sort of therapeutical to me!

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⚛︎ Shower
A long shower to make me smell good all day is the goal! After the shower, I hop on some shorts and an oversized sweater because cozy is my middle name.

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⚛︎ Netflix and chill
Finally, the rest of the day is basically me cuddling up and binge watching shows. Lately, I am rewatching Gilmore Girls because of the fall vibe it has in it. As for the meal, I like to order some food in, sushi, pizza or Chinese.

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That is all for my fall morning routine for a chill day in the house. I hope you liked it. This is my first article. Follow me because there are lots coming in the way. Till then,
Love to the moon and back,
Shrina. xoxo