You heard the saying "Some see a weed, Some see a wish" Right?

In my case, I see a wish, magic, and spectacular nature; something beyond beautiful. Here is a poem I wrote inspired by the hopes and dreams we whisper to our little friends, the dandelions.

Fields of Dreams

The obedient blossoms
From the fields of dreams.
Rise above our heads,
To the command of a blow.

Like the promising embryos,
Of a heartfelt wish.
Dandelion seeds—
Fly into the unknown.

“Tell me where are you going?
Hand in hand with the wind.
Tell me, will you flourish?
My dearest wished seed.
Remember, in your voyage,
You take a part of me.
In the trail of your flight
In the puffiness of your wings.

Will you land in heaven?
Where all miracles grow.
Or swirl into the limbo?
Among others dreams …

—Clairel Estevez

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