Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

By Probablyancientbeauty

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here” - Shakespear

As Halloween is in a couple of weeks many of you would have costumes by now, but what about those who haven’t? Then this article is for you!


All you need for Sia is her iconic wig, which you can get from amazon for less than $10 which I will link below the pictures. Then you just need to wear black and white clothes which everyone should have in their wardrobe! With this costume would be ready to hit the high notes! You could also get someone to dress as Maddie!

Image by Red rum Image by Red rum
black, black and white, and ️sia image

Link to the wig ^^^

Charlie Brown

With this look just find a plain yellow t-shirt, either from your house or from target!
Then with either a black sharpie or black paint draw the zig zag line on the shirt!

charlie brown and cute image

Riverdale: Josie and the PussyCats

This look is really easy. You could do it by yourself but preferably with a group of 3. All you need is the cat ears headband, but if you want more wear a leopard onesie...!

cat, josie mccoy, and cat ears image
girls, val, and archie comics image

Salt and Pepper!

All you need is a white and black t-shirt as well as iron on letters or transfer paper to “print” your letters on. Or ever better just paint them on!

clever, funny, and pepper image

Below are some more costume ideas!

costume, deer, and Halloween image Halloween, blood, and makeup image girl, dress, and friends image Halloween, makeup, and make up image Halloween, makeup, and beauty image autumn, fall, and ghost image Halloween image aaliyah, atlanta, and girl group image art, comic, and lips image Halloween and sugar skull image

Being simple is very effective!
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