As someone who loves to write and journal i know sometimes it can be hard to find something to write about, your mind just comes out blank. white. empty.

ssooo one day i decided to make a list of questions and random words. i typed it up on a google docs document, printed it off and taped it to the inside of my journal. Now whenever i feel brain dead i can look inside my journal and always have a question or some type of prompt to help.

i try to make one every month so this is the one im going to use for this month and next month ill make a new one and post it.

here is the list;

-write five places you want to visit and why
-write some of your favorite books and why
-write a letter to someone you don’t like
-three confessions
-seven things the cross your mind a lot
-write some little things that make you feel warm and cozy
-someone who fascinates you and why
-what you want your life to be like in seven years
-write about your entire day
-put your music on shuffle and write about the first three songs that came on
-your morning routine
-list some of your pet peeves and why
-five ways to win your heart
-write something you struggle with and why
-find a picture and describe it in your own words
-your highs and lows for this month
-make up an imaginary friend and describe them
-write a scene that involves magic
-pick up the nearest book. Whatever the first word is, is your writing prompt
-a letter to someone who has hurt you recently
-write about your top three favorite bands
-write about your favorite subject and why
-write about your dream job and why
-write a letter to a fictional character
-write about the one thing you wish people understood about you
-write about your perfect dream boy
-write about one thing you dream of doing and why
-write about if you believe in love or not and why

Write something in response to the prompt (these are random words i picked. say the word and the first thing you think about when you say it is what you write.)

-anywhere in the world
-small things
-early day