Fall is such a fun time of year so here's a few things to do during fall to have the best season ever!

Go to a Haunted House

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It's always so fun when haunted houses open back up again in September and October. You should definitely try to go once this season. And if you're feeling really brave, then try visiting an actual haunted house that's abandoned if there's one in your area!

Go Pumpkin Picking

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I love picking out the perfect pumpkin with my dad so we can carve it later for Halloween. The perfect fall tradition! You can pumpkin pick at a local farm or your local grocery store, whichever is easier!

Buy or Make a Fall Drink

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'Tis the season to buy that pumpkin or cinnamon flavored drink. Or if you're feeling crafty, conjure up your own fall drink by looking at recipes on Pinterest! Hot chocolate is great for those chillier days too.

Watch Halloween Movies

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There's no way you can go through October without watching AT LEAST one Halloween movie! There's so many options, so little time!

Read a Book

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Fall is the best time of the year to read books especially on rainy days! Bonus points if it's a thriller or mystery book, it'll really match the Halloween mood!

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