Hi my loveliess!

This is an article based on motivation, self-love, encouragement and getting over a heartbreak, and most of all to tell you that -

it's going be okay

This is based on combination of collections I have which I'll link at the bottom of this article!

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self care is one of the most important things that will help you get through life. It goes hand in hand with strength and bravery.
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strength is something that comes with being brave. You can't be strong all the time, so try to be brave and think "I can do this". You might not be strong enough to destroy your fears but you can face them.

Side note- it is also okay if some days you just can't pull yourself out of bed, you are not expected to be able to be okay everyday, everyone has those days that are hard.

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For the people who are going through heartbreak. I thought I was going to marry a boy who one day met another girl and it was over just like that. it gets better. he is not worth it. please remember that.
You can miss someone without wanting them back.
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For those of you who worry that you're not making the most of life, its okay. You will reach your goals. Remember to be brave and strong, remember not to let heartbreak stop you reaching your goals. You will get there.

If ever you feel like you're not progressing or that life is too difficult. Just remember its okay not be be strong, be brave. Don't let that boy get you down, go get ice cream and cuddle your pet. With bravery and self love, you will reach your goals, Everything will be okay.

I am here to talk to any of you at any time so please message me about anything, I am here to listen :)

Here's some of my collections which encourage motivation, self love, moving on from heartbreak and generally how to make it through life.

Also I would love tips on other articles or if you want me to write an article on one of these above e.g. heartbreak then pls message! I am new and still learning!

Always here for you, Liv x