My life was never really special or exciting. the only special thing was probably that i grew up in a small town called Greenwester which was near Salem. The place where the thing with the witches was. But my home was really quit and there happend really nothing. The heaviest thing what happen there is a bike accident, but otherwise is nothing there. It is the city with the lowest crimerate in the USA or how i always say in the entire world. But one thing is strang and creepy and fears my for years.

Image by DayDreamerxBelieve

The old Trewnton house next to our house. It´s an old manor house which was build in the 18 centurys and there it has his heydays. But now the walls are crumbling and it´s just an old ruin. But this is not the horrable thing which is with the house. It was 3 years ago when i moved in Trewnton street on the 13th of November 2014 a friday. At midnight on this day i starred out of my window and saw a red creepy lightning in the house which goes until over the moon. I was sure that is a bad sign for something evil and the i saw a satanic rituale, so i was sure this is something really evil.

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I spent the
last 3 years to make resarch over the house and find out something about his dark history. There happend in the last 50 years a dozen of inexplicable deaths and dissapearences. And the i find something about the horrable ritual, which is connected with death, distruction and maybe even the end of the world. There is written you must broke 20 seals till the 31th of Octobary in 2017 this can´t be a joke and i must prevent it.