Almost everyone has the "travel" wish in their bucket list, so today I'm gonna show you some breathtaking places around the globe that deserve to be visited, enjoy.

maui, travel, and volcano image beach, nature, and ocean image travel, hawaii, and Island image summer, beach, and travel image
Dubai, travel, and luxury image beach, Dubai, and morning image baeluxury image fashion and girl image
beautiful, camera, and cool image bayern image berlin, germany, and city image berlin, germany, and travel image
couple, love, and Greece image aesthetic, girl, and makeup image beauty, girly, and blonde image cafe, city, and Greece image
barcellona, Barcelona, and city image Barcelona, spain, and travel image city, light, and madrid image city, cityscape, and madrid image
korea, busan, and asia image cherry blossoms, korea, and road image escape, korea, and travel image korea, street, and asia image
South Korea (well c'mon K-POP? that's quite enough... nah? ok nevermind)
paris, travel, and france image Image removed vintage, indie, and paris image travel image
cities, copenhagen, and denmark image Image removed clouds, denmark, and sky image denmark image
Image by ♡ Image by JADEN? Image by Paula flawless, morocco, and beautiful image
bad, girl, and tumblr image budapest and hungary image hungary, place, and budapest image budapest, hungarian, and hun image
bora bora, travel, and polynesia image travel and sea image blue and summer image Image by vestidos y peinados Fashion
Bora Bora

Of course, these are only a few! Hope this article motivated you enough to actually make plans and go discover the world! Spread love <3