Water is a part of our everyday life. We hear people telling us to drink water, especially during hot weather in summer, as water is said to cure dry skin, tiredness or even headaches.
More than half of the human body is plain water. I need water to survive and so does everyone. I need water like I need you. This is why you are like water to me.
The pricelessness of water is not measured by money. No one knows how much they would pay to grab a handful of the river in front of the house. Describing which value your presence has to me is like describing how much I would do to get water on a daily basis.

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"I listen to the ocean and all I hear is you"

You're like water

During these hot and demanding times
I need you like I need water.
The heat, the headaches and my dry lips are calling,
for one sip of what I thirsted for so long.

So is it with those glares of yours.
Your eyes laying in mine,
And my pressure would be gone.
But only would I dare…

Giving my trust to you,
Opening myself up to you through my eyes,
Is like giving myself to the ocean,
The strong and heavy waves
The fear
but fascinating calmness
So clear

There is nothing as magical
but at the same time natural
as water
or as you

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