1."Expecto Patronum"-Pure Soul; Protects you from dark sources.
2."Avada Kedavra"-Nobody can rescue from this spell except Harry Potte.
3."Expelliarmus"-A handy (even life-saving) spell for removing an object from an enemy's grasp.
4."Accio"-It helps you find objects that you've lost.
5."Sectum Sempra"-Makes blood come out it's so cool.
6."Reducto"-Helps castor to explode solid objects.
7."Riddikulus"This is used in defence against a Boggart. It causes the creature to assume a form that is humorous to the caster.
8."Imperio"-You can control people's mind.
9."Crucio"-Thisis a tool of the Dark Arts and one of the three Unforgivable Curses. It is one of the most powerful and sinister spells known to wizardkind.
10."Wingardium Leviosa"-(my lovely)Is a charm used to make objects fly, or levitate.