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Hey guys, I made a list of how to cope with stress, so check it out if you are having stressful moments and I hope it helps you because it definitely helps me :) Okay lets start with how to be happy. This is going to be long one and I hope you guys are still with me til the end lol. Before I start this long list. I am not an expert or psychologist. I am going to be brutally honest and try to give the best advice I could to you guys that need to hear, not want to hear. I know you guys have your own problems and you feel afraid talking about it, don't feel that way, but I am here for you guys and I really hope this help you guys and knowing the fact that everyone out there is going through difficult times like relationship, friends, family, work, your insecurities and pretty much with life right? I want to let you guys know that you aren't the only one. Things will get better if you try to better your self and do things makes you happy. Lets start!

1. The key of happiness and fulfillment as they say life doesn't come by achieving but rather is a result of how we express of how we express ourselves. When you express rejection and judgment you will be unhappy and self acceptance is the way out of self-rejection and that is true. Always keep that in mind.

2. Find yourself. Accept yourself above all else. Resolve to make peace with who you are. Perfect is not real. Nothing is perfect. Nobody is. Accept everything, so stop judging and drop the expectations of what you want, how you think someone should behave, and the order things need to happen in. Be selfish, find the balance between 50% selflessness. Take your "me" time and know when you need it and learn how to give it to yourself. Figure out what energize you, what makes you happy, how you connect to yourself.

3. It is your decision. You are your own self and nobody owns you. Remember that, so whatever decision you are making, make sure think before you do something and make sure it gives you a positive impact, so you have any regrets or problems. Your choice.

4. Ignore and get rid of negative people in your life. That is go for bullies, haters or anyone.They will try to bring you down and when they do defend yourself and don't let yourself down and because that is what they want is see you hurt. it is sad to be honest. Your happiness matters and don't let them make your life stressful than it already is. Open their mindset if you have to or try to help them out but don't forget to help yourself. They aren't worthy of your tears honestly. They are negative people and you don't need that in your life. Why let them in still? it is really about your choice.

5. If you are feeling insecure or not good enough. Don't. You are truly beautiful inside and outside whoever you are. You are gift in this cruel and beautiful world. Don't forget that. You can wear whatever you want as long it makes you happy and that is who you are. Makeup or without and you are still stunning as ever. We all have our ugly moments and its okay. If you want to change something then go ahead. no one is not stopping you and don't let someone stop you for being who you are. You are good enough. The best thing boost up your confidence is to love yourself. be positive and do positive things in your life and make yourself happy or make someones day.

6. Take good care of yourself. Your health matters the most in your life. not just food you eat, it is also the negative things brings down your health. Going doctor or hospital is expensive because all the money you worked hard well be gone. The best thing is to work out at home or at gym and it can be mini workout for 10-15 minutes because it is something right? and working out doesn't help if you have well balance diet while at it. Yes, eat healthy. I know healthy food is not tasty but it is much better than unhealthy food that gives you problem. That is important for your health and honestly it will make your life much easier and you will be happy. Eating junk food won't make you happy forever, It can be tasty and hard to resist, but do what is good for your health and that is important.

7. Have a good mindset because having a good mindset is the key to success. Yes, hard work, effort and persistence are all important, but not as important as having that underlying belief that you are in control of your own destiny. How can we develop our abilities through hard work and effort and that is called growth mindset. Abilities it is fixed and ingrained in other words, we are born with a certain level of ability and we cannot change that. That is called fixed mindset. You can change your mindset.

8. It is okay not to be okay. High and lows are part of our life no matter what. It is okay to feel down sometimes. You can still make it through. If you need to cry then cry as much as you want because crying makes you better and it is better than holding in your feelings. It does not mean you are weak. You are alive and are aware of your emotions.

9. Learn to forgive yourself. Your mistakes or regrets you made in the past and should stay in the past like why put in the present and suffer? We all go through it and learn from it. Shit happen and that is part of life. Lesson learned right? and hopefully you don't go through that path again.

10. Listen to yourself because we are surrounded by information that often clutter in our mind. Go to your special place where you feel calm and comfortable. Ask yourself questions and most important learn how to be patient. Don't listen to your emotions. When you learn to be mindful and patient you discover the difference between raw emotions and your inner voice. Give yourself some time to reflect on any situation, step aside and ask yourself do you really need this? How will you fill about it tomorrow or in a year, few years later?

Therefore, there are so many ways how to be happy and this is all I could think of and I really hope it help you all. You guys deserve to be happy and have that beautiful smile on your face because that is the most beautiful part of you. Check out my collections if you want more stuff. Good luck to all and take care. <3