hi loves,
so i saw this idea somewhere on weheartit. i'm so sorry that i forgot the name, but it's not my idea, so credits to the one who discovered this!!! but it's like an inspiration board of the things you feel at that moment. it could be everything, people, places, some words, idk. so let's start.


adventure, cozy, and fall image city, travel, and sky image autumn, fall, and nature image landscapes and natural image
i mean, just looooook at these. wow


Image by ŚTéphà Nií bella hadid and model image girl, beauty, and freckles image girl, beautiful, and black and white image
i can't get over the beauty of them


Image by malik-malik quotes, quotation quotations, and true truth fact facts image quotes, pain, and people image quotes, grunge, and future image


cole sprouse, riverdale, and boy image boy, froy, and teen wolf image aesthetic, boy, and grunge image cole sprouse, boy, and Hot image
ever been in love with boys you don't even know?


shawn mendes, Lyrics, and quotes image justin, purpose, and quote image Lyrics, quote, and song quotes image quotes image

so these were the ones for this friday