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I love traveling, but as any others i don't have money. I would love to travel the world with my best friend or the love of my life.


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I love animals, they are one of the key to happines.


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I have been in love with the same boy for at least 2 1/5 years, even though we both have been with others. And I still love him


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I love to write and read, but i don't do it a lot. So i am thinking about starting.


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I love fashion, i do wear a lot of black. my wish is to have a colorfull style


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not always been good at makeup, and still learning


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Can't wait to decorate my own house


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I have always wantet a tatto, so i am starting to save some money


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the one thing I use a lot of time on is netflix


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I am 18 and have 3 jobs. Washes at a hair salon, car shop and in and in an indoor swimming pool