Setting personal goals can help you build self confidence, motivate you to take action, and help you decide where you want to be in life. Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at Dominican University in California, did a study on goal-setting with 267 participants. She found that you are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down.

1. Take some time to reflect on what it is you truly want considering where you are in life. Did you want to learn a new hobby? Maybe make more money? Or maybe you just need more motivation for self care? Narrow down your ideas and make your goals as specific as possible, but remember to keep them achievable and realistic. Some goal ideas: career, financial, education, family, artistic, attitude, physical, pleasure, etc. It can be anything you want.

You might be at a place in your life where you can’t see very far into your future. That’s okay, it happens. Know that it won’t always be like this. You can set short-term, daily goals. These are just as helpful and rewarding.

2. Write down your goals and keep the list somewhere you will see. I personally have my monthly goals listed on my calendar above my bed so I see them multiple times a day.

It’s also an option to create a vision board. A vision board is something you create typically with images and inspiring quotes to help concentrate on a specific life goal.

3. Plan steps towards achieving your goals. This is extremely crucial if you have a long term goal. If you’re having trouble with this, try considering work space, materials/equipment, maybe money, and definitely help. By listing and checking off the steps as you achieve them, you will realize that you’re making progress towards the end goal.

4. Expect setbacks, but keep moving. Sometimes it can be helpful to take a step back and re-evaluate our goals, but remember where you’re going and stay focused. Don’t spend too much time thinking about why or how the setback happened. Setbacks happen to everyone.

5. When you achieve your goals, celebrate. Then reflect on your progress. If you achieved the goal too easily, try something a little harder next time. If it took a painful amount of time, go for something easier. Reward yourself appropriately for accomplishing your goals, and be proud of yourself.

Make sure you’re giving yourself time to rest, and remember that self care comes first. Your mental and physical health is always priority. Good luck on setting your goals, babes. 💕

xox, Sarah Lee