Sometimes, I miss you. Actually I miss you most of the time. I have this urge to text you, I wish I could check up on you but something stops me. We were so perfect until you showed me who you were in the end. I hate myself for loving you after all the things you’ve done to me. I know what we had was love but it was toxic love, unhealthy and heartbreaking to the point where we questioned if it was even love..

We were so in love even after it was finally over but constantly forced ourselves not to contact each other or be in the same space as one another and over time I see how you’ve found someone else.

This time. She wasn’t toxic, she was perfect, she wouldn’t hurt you or make you feel like trash after an argument. I tried to tell myself you didn’t love her but over time I saw it again. The way you used to look at me is the way you look at her now. the places you used to take me are where you take her now, the friends you used to introduce me to now despise me and love her. They all praise her. She’s perfect. Not a single flaw on her.