Make a list of things you couldn't live without

Hi, how's it going today? I'm doing great, getting motivated do do stuff!

I have some time before I have to leave for running practise. I already did some work for school but didn't want to waste my time watching series. Don't get me wrong, I love to watch series but I have to take care, otherwise it will consume all my time. I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one ;)

So my list of things I couldn't live without

  • Stationery

I am completely in love with notebooks, paper, letters, washi tapes and pencils. Say Yes to Stationery! It can make me so happy to write in a beautiful book or a letter on a nicely made paper. Also pens can make a big diffrence and ofcourse i want to illustrate it with other coloured paper ;)

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  • Music

Although I am not a huge music person, I dont listen to a lot of diffrent music, mostly bands from the 70-ties and 80-ties but it can be so empowering. Also when I feel sad I can find comfort in music. When studying I listen sometimes to calm instrumental music but when i'm just blogging or doing stuff I listen to poprock bands and can be dancing trough my room! Right now I'm listening to Crowded House :)

  • Nature

I love to visit beautiful places or go for a walk in the forest. Helps me clear my head

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  • Books

I already wrote a blogpost about my favorite books, so you know I enjoy reading. I can lose myself completely in some books and can't put it away. I can escape reality for some time and live in another world.

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  • Travelling & Adventures

If only I think about travelling or visiting new places I become so happy. This is what I live for. We live in such a wonderful and special world, how can we not want to see what is out there, see all the beauty. I never used to think about myself as someone who would travel a lot but now I'm planning things whenever I can. Of course I have my study to think about and the costs but you dont hsve to go far to experience something new.

  • My family, friends & pets
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Before I end this post, I want to thank you for reading my article and hearting. I never expected to have so many people liking it. Thank you!

Have the best day!
xx Mirthe