It's hard to ignore a man like him,
for his heart is as pure as the morning dew.
It's not possible to not yearn to kiss those luscious lips, or to have those calloused hands roam over your smooth skin.
His heart is made of gold, but has no gruffness to it.
It is unlikely to not have the urge to brush those hair, that kiss his forehead, back with your delicate fingers.
His eyes are a lightened path, that will lead you to the valley of his glorious heart.
The twinkle within them, will make it harder for you to not discover the depth of the ocean which lies within them.
Wouldn't it be difficult to not have the desperate urge to run your hands down those cheeks? When the subtle beard, makes them look more alluring and inviting.
A man like him can understand your emotions well, he vests the power to read your untold tales, to interpret your unsaid words.
He becomes the pivotal point of the every step that you take in your life, he becomes your personal source of oxygen that keeps you alive.
You are willing to do anything, to have the opportunity to witness that curve on his face for once.
No gold or any other riches of either this world or the one that lies beyond it, matter anything to your heart anymore other than him.
Your soul desires for him only, for his arms to be wrapped around you, for your skin to feel protected and guarded by him, for him to sweep you off your feet and make you his.
It is hard, indeed very hard to ignore his vibrant personality, which is void of any fear.
Your heart will stop every time, as he has the ultimate power to make it skip a beat or two.
Times of leisure spent with him, would be treasured by your heart forever. Every inch of your skin will cherish the seconds of life, that had been be lived under his wings and shadow.
He is who you see as your Knight in shinning armor, your Mate and your King.
Every fiber of your existance, will be willing to bend down to his wishes.
It's a man like him, whose opinion about you matters and will matter for an eternity.
It is a man like him, that you'll love till the last breath that you will take.
It's him and only him and it will forever be only him.